Wills, Trusts and Estates

Wills have been used for centuries to control the disposition of property following death, and today they remain as an essential aspect of estate planning.  Executing a Will is critically important because it allows a testator’s intent to control disposition of property, rather than have an estate divided by the laws of descent and distribution.  Our team has assisted individuals with estate planning in order to control the disposition of property costly litigation and family turmoil.


Guardianship and Conservatorships

Our lawyers are experienced in high conflict and high net worth guardian and conservator cases.  When a loved one or close family member is unable to make responsible decisions for their health or their finances, it may be appropriate to seek a guardianship or conservatorship.  Having represented clients in high-conflict and high net-worth guardianship and conservatorship cases, our attorneys can advise you as to whether it is appropriate or prudent to petition for a guardianship or conservatorship case for your close friend or family member.  Whether you are concerned about physical, mental or financial abuse of a family member or if you need to ensure that your family member obtains adequate medical care, our attorneys can offer guidance and effective representation throughout the guardianship or conservatorship process.


Trust and Estate Litigation

Following the loss of a family member, disputes often arise about the validity and construction of a Will or Trust.  These issues are critical for beneficiaries and family members because the legality of these documents controls the disposition of property, money or business interests.  Any ambiguities can lead to a Will contest.

A Will can be challenged for several reasons.  For example, a Will can be challenged on the grounds that the person making the will lacked the necessary capacity to make the will.  Another common objection is that the Will was the product of undue influence from a third-party.  A Will could also be challenged due to fraud, revocation or the Will lacks the necessary formalities to be legal. Our experienced attorneys can provide reliable legal advice with regards to these issues.